Beyonce’s fifth album, released late December last year, was easily considered the biggest music release of the year. The diva’s unorthodox approach to releasing the album caused hysterical reactions by fans and media.

I miss that immersive experience, now people only listen to a few seconds of song on the iPods and they don’t really invest in the whole experience. It’s all about the single, and the hype. It’s so much that gets between the music and the art and the fans. I felt like, I don’t want anybody to get the message, when my record is coming out. I just want this to come out when it’s ready and from me to my fans.

Beyoncé describing her intentions with the unorthodox release of Beyoncé, 2013

I consider Beyonce’s risky move well worth it and a watershed moment the history of popular music. I find effective because of its:

Bold marketing strategy
Beautiful cinematography
and art direction
Concise visual design
Overall album quality
Commerical ability (828,773 copies sold in 3 days, fastest selling album in
iTunes history)

It also dominated my newsfeed on facebook and caused a myriad of Beyonce inspired creations.

Soundboards inspired by B


Heller tumblrr

Today I,

woke up very early on the couch, dreaming of something crazy and surreal–I think I’ve been having very vivid dreams so I’m sure tonight will be do different :)

Met up with Jen, banter, classroom.

Dom cray on coffee, me somewhat afraid to talk in class, cute hcde dude–but def old. Project, gon be reeal cute. not really though… i need to stop calling things cute and tight and dank.

Lunch, din tai fungi, char n eric n jen– it was fun. I like them but I wish charlotte would be more nice to eric but slutever.

I need to focus more on myself but not on myself self. fuck. I need to talk less, study more. so boring. but so much more rewarding. Smoked my first cig.
With that I went on my way to work.
Chilled with donna, lol and logos, did like nothing. So I’m going in tomorrow. YAY! I like work. I wish I could just make cute posters n shit but it can be quite jarring; looking at a computer screen all day makes me insane. You can build some cray stamina though.

Left around 5 to go work out. Smoked a cigarette. Went running and rolled around on mats with Jen and Zach. Zach hates running n rolling around on mats, it was funny. Jen and Zach are babies sent from the baby’s sitters club. I wonder if the baby sitters are wondering where they are!

Went back home with Zach, while Jen went to work. Got home, ate a fat pasta din. Nicki on Rainy Dog :0. Dishes. Youtube. Marco. Lisa. Coachella? Cig. Parks n Rec. Vice. Tumblr.

I’m out.

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Jamie Wise  Photo by Simon Harris for Hysteria Magazine 

Jamie Wise by Jeff Hahn for Idol Magazine